New Toyota Commercials Feature Coach Seeking Qualified Drivers March can be an emotional time of the year for amateur basketball players. Seniors who are preparing to graduate will inevitably participate in the final game of their high school or collegiate careers. Whether that contest occurs at the end of a disappointing season or the finals of a prestigious tournament, the realization that one chapter is ending while another begins is a bittersweet moment. Toyota is capitalizing on the March Madness theme with a new series of commercials that feature a venerated but humorous character in “Coach T.” Along with his assistant, Coach T is attempting to scout the best driving talent in the country and recruit

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them for his “programs”, the 2012 Toyota Camry and Corolla. While trying to convince the prospective drivers, Coach T touts the merits of the two Toyota models. Committing to the campus of the Camry will give you access to best-in-class MPG, a five star safety rating and a ride that’s as quiet as a university library. Enrolling in the college of the 2012 Toyota Corolla, meanwhile, has its own set of benefits. Th latest version has an available Entune system with Bing and navigation, Bluetooth wireless phone capability and a three-month trial subscription to the Select Package of SiriusXM’s Satellite and HD Radio. Coach T is a master motivator and teacher, seemingly knowing all the secrets of the driving game. He’s built a grand tradition at Toyota U and any student driver would be privileged to accelerate their learning and get the keys to their future under his tutelage. Check out these videos to discover why the old coach’s speech patterns and mannerisms have some people chuckling. You can learn more about the 2012 Toyota Camry and Corolla in the classroom at, Toyota’s branch serving the area of Huntsville, Alabama. All of their associates are part of Coach T’s coaching tree legacy.

6 thoughts on “New Toyota Commercials Feature Coach Seeking Qualified Drivers

  1. Yes, does Toyota have their heads up their asses? Looks like the salesman is trying to lure in young boys like Jerry Sandusky! Think ad people! Even looks like the creep!

  2. Since you’re waiting for a “moderation” (you’ve got to be kidding) let’s talk in terms of car parts. Toyota seems to have its head rest up its rear end in featuring this Sandusky-like character trying to woo young men. Clean enough to post?

  3. I think the commercials are funny. They didn’t remind me of Sandusky at all, seems some are overthinking it. Just enjoy the humor!

    • We’re in agreement with you, Brenda! Just seems like a regular college coach to us, albeit a rather humorous one.

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